Monday, December 16, 2013

Tips!....No Time to Cook?...Top 5 Pre-Made Vegan Products!

Three home made meals a day seems quite daunting!  Lets be honest, most of us do not have time to make everything from scratch every time we want something delicious in our mouths.

I have tried tons and tons of frozen and pre-made vegan items and brands.  So, I know which ones to swoon over and which ones I wish I never had in my mouth.  Also, don't get tricked by some brands that you may think are vegan.  Many still use eggs, casein, or dairy.  It's always good to check ingredients.  Please also keep in mind that many of these products contain soy and/or vital wheat gluten, so if you have allergies to any of those ingredients, you may need to pass on many of these items.

In all honesty, I should say that these are Ryan's fav's.  I will enjoy these products once in awhile, so I do know that they are truly tasty, but I do not eat stuff like this anywhere near as much as he does!

 Field Roast brand is a favorite around here, especially the Frankfooters!  I haven't eaten a real hot dog in over 20 years, but Ryan says that they are better than the real thing.  We like to enjoy them wrapped in a crescent or as a Chicago Style dog!

Light Life also has some great products.  They do a really great version of bacon, which is great to make a BLT with!

The deli style turkey is also good to enjoy in wraps or salads.

These are easily found in most grocery stores

      And, another faux meat/chicken option is Gardein.  For
      some great ideas using the Chick'n Scallopini, visit my blog
      here.  Those are two incredibly tasty faux chick'n recipes!

      I also enjoy the Chick'n tenders made by them as well.

     Again, these can be found in most grocery stores and at
     Target stores.

Tasty Bite has tons of products that are vegan friendly!  But please note that all of their products are not vegan, so if in question, read the ingredients.

The ones that I have tried and have really enjoyed are the Spinach Channa, Channa Masala and the Eggplant Punjab.

You can find these in the ethnic aisle of your grocery store.

And finally, my favorite, Beyond Meat.  I honeslty think it is the best faux chicken strip out there.  The texture and taste are spot on.

Here is an interesting article by Alton Brown, published in Wired Magazine.

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