Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Is it a pie??? Is it Chili???....Vegan Chili Pie

Yeah, anyone and everyone can make chili.  And yes, it is most likely is super good.  But, try something different the next time you go to a fall/winter potluck get together!  Really, it is simply your favorite chili recipe, topped with a delicious, flaky, cornmeal crust!

Oh wait, your friends/family aren't vegan?  Who cares!!  No one will ever miss the meat or even think about meat when spooning this delightfully warming dish into their mouths!

 Yes, like all pies, the crust can always be difficult and the "death" of the dish.  And yes, I did become obsessed with trying to create perfection.  But then I thought, "wait, this is CHILI!  There is no perectly plated chili, we are talking about comfort food here!"  So, I just went with it.  And guess what?  Once you slice it, you actually do get perfection!....In your mouth!

Vegan Chili Pie

Though, here are my substitutions/changes I made to accommodate what I had in my plantry:
-used white beans, black beans, pinto beans and chili beans
- used veggie broth, not water
- eliminated chia seeds
- added 1 tbsp tomato paste
- no need for avocado

**this just tells you how easy it is to adjust your favorite recipes to use what you have!!!  GREAT TIP!!!

Let your chili simmer as you prepare your crust.  Ingredients/Directions directly follow.

Ingredients (for cornmeal crust)
1 c flour
1/2 c cornmeal
8 tbsp vegan butter (make sure cold and sliced thinly!)
1/4 c cold water
*add touch of salt if using unsalted vegan butter

Heat oven 400.  With your 9" pie pan, spoon in chili until almost full (I filled up until 1/4")

In bowl, sift dry ingredients.  Add in vegan butter and water and mix first with fork until partially mixed and then get in there with your hands to properly form the dough.  Once your dough is completely "kneaded" and mixed through, your dough will most likely be a bit warm (due to the fact that you were using your hands).  ***tip- place dough in freezer for about 10 min***  Once dough is cold, roll out to fit a bit over the 9" pie pan.  Carefully transfer dough to cover chili in the pie pan.  Pinch the left over edges to create a crust.   Bake in oven for about 30 minutes.

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