Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tips on How to Make Food Fun!....Take a Trip to the Farm!!!

 Take a Trip to the Farm and Make Food Fun!

 If you are like me and live in the city, or just don't have time or space to have your own personal garden, well no worries!  The next best thing is to visit a farm or orchard nearby!  Not only are the fruits and veggies the best you could probably get during that specific season, but the experience is what really makes it worth while!

 Yes, I am an urban girl living in Chicago, but I truly believe in local produce and supporting local farms.  Plus, what is better to pick your food, go home, wash it and then create something with it?  Ummm, it made the most perfect day off for Ryan and I.  I felt like a giddy little girl.

   I hope that everyone will start to realize the joy of being able to partake farm to table food.  It really gives you an appreciation for the food we have and the love that it takes to grow, pick and make.

Enjoy the Farm to Table Experience First Hand!!!....Great Recipes to Follow!
(enjoy some of our pictures in the meantime!)

Our first objective:  hit up the beet patch......those suckers took a bit of work to muster out of the ground....

Clearly I thought I was better at "sniffing" out the good beets....

 Ryan toting along while I went hunting.

Apple Orchard!  Don't forget to try what you are picking!  Hard work comes with some tasty treats along the way!

One of my favorite areas.....brussell sprouts and cabbage, oh my!

So beautiful, yet so difficult to get out of the ground...stay tuned to see what I did with this later on that day!

And my work is done here!  An amazing day at the farm and now I am ready to head home and start cooking with my fresh veggies and fruit!

One of the most enjoyable fall days ever!

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