Monday, September 30, 2013

Jamaican Jerk Jack Kale Salad!

Kale?  Uh yes please!  Jamaican flavored Jackfruit "Chik'n?   Heck yes!  A creamy, zesty dressing?  Just stop it!

A crispy, crunchy raw salad with no guilt what so ever.  If you cannot find Jackfruit, you can always order online or can substitute with tempeh or seitan.  Just season and saute whatever you use the same way I made the jackfruit and you will have a very similar salad.

This salad can be served for a great, satisfying, not to mention insanely healthy, lunch or dinner!  I cannot boast enough about it, but I will shut up.

Jamaican Jerk Jack Kale Salad
 Raw kale can be pretty fibrous.  To make the leafy green a bit more delicate and appealing, make the salad a little ahead of time (maybe 20 minutes or so) before eating.  The dressing will absorb the tough exterior and soften the green.  It will also give the salad more flavor as it sits!

Have left over, already dressed salad?  No worries with this guy!  I even like it the next day!   Rare with salads because they tend to wilt.

Ingredients (serves 4)
4 cups raw kale, washed and destemmed and cut into pieces
1-1.5 avocados chopped
1 large vine ripe tomato chopped
1 can jack fruit drained
jamaican jerk seasoning
1/2 tbsp evoo
1/4 red onion sliced
avocado-cilantro-lime dressing
3 tsp adobo sauce (optional if like heat)

Drain jackfruit and pat dry and tear into shreds.  Heat evoo in sauce pan and add in jackfruit shreds and jerk seasoning.  Saute for about 3 minutes and set aside to cool.  In a bowl, add in all ingredients and toss with dressing.  Lastly, throw in your jackfruit chicken.  And that's it folks!  Tasty, healthy and delish!

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