Monday, July 8, 2013

REGROW without a garden??

Hey all you vegans, vegetarians and veggie lovers.....

This is something I recently read about in the last few months and thought that it was pretty cool.  Clearly I had to try it  So here is the scoop:  almost everyone tosses the stump at the end of romaine, celery and the ends of scallions.  But wait!  Don't throw it, Grow it!

This is uber easy.  All you need is a bowl or container, a window with nice light, your scraps and water.  That's it!  Just put the ends of the veggies in about 1-2 inches of water and place it by a window with good light.  In a few days, you will start to see growth.  Change the water about once a day or every other day.  Note that you will need to discard the outer leaf from the romaine lettuce as it will start to brown and wilt after awhile.

*** Be patient and don't neglect the plant.  They will start to die if you forget to re-water.
*** This is perfect for those of us without a backyard or balcony or during those winter months!!!

Here are some pictures of the growing process featuring romaine lettuce and celery.  The celery takes about twice as long to grow.

 DAY 2




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