Saturday, July 27, 2013

Feeling Peachy!....Grilled Peaches and "cream"

There is an abundance of peaches at the store right now and I am loving it!  They are plump and juicy and just flat out delicious.

So fire up that grill, because we are getting ready to throw these juicy peaches on there and make the easiest summertime dessert ever!  Best part, only takes minutes and 3 ingredients!

Adding a touch of agave nectar to the peaches gives it a touch more sweetness and beautiful glaze!

Grilled Peaches and "Cream"

 The reason I use agave nectar is because honey technically is not vegan.  The term vegan has to do with the exploitation of animals.  Technically, honey bees are being subjected to cruelty in the honey making process.

If you are not a hardcore vegan or just want to stay away from animal products/bi-products, then you can definitely use honey instead!

Agave Nectar (or honey)
Coconut or Soy Ice Cream

Heat grill.  Wash peaches and cut in halves, removing the seed.  You can either leave them in halves or cut into slices.  Brush your agave nectar over the peaches and grill on each side until you have nice grill marks.  Remove and serve with your favorite vegan ice cream.  I prefer So Delicious Brand.

Told you that was easy!

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