Monday, July 15, 2013

What's Better Than Pizza?....Grilled Vegan Pizza!!

Sounds weird, right?  Well it may be and may sound like there is no point, but on the contrary!  I would want grilled pizza every single freakin' time I have pizza!  The dough cooks quite quickly and you get such a great crust from the grill!  I really dislike doughy pizza- this one came out perfectly crisp.  I couldn't get enough.

What better way to enjoy a hot summer night than grill out by the pool?

 So lets just get into this recipe right away.
What you need:
dough (I used Trader Joe's)
vegan pizza sauce
vegan cheese (optional)
your veggies of choice (I used mushrooms, spinach, black olives, red onions, artichokes)

 So the first step is to fire up that gril and set it to about 600.  Now roll out your dough with flour.  Don't stress about having a perfect shape.  I mean shoot- mine wasn't exactly a shape of a flat bread or round pizza.  Once the grill is heated, brush oil on the grill and the on your dough.
Carefully transfer the dough.   Shut the lid and cook on one side for two minutes.

  After those two minutes, carefully flip the dough (I used two spatulas to do this).  Repeat the above directions.  Now remove the pizza from the grill and dress that baby.  Once you have your sauce, cheese, and veggies in place, throw back on grill for just about 6 minutes.  Make sure you check it time to time to make sure it is not burning.  And there you have it!  The best vegan pizza ever!

Grilled Vegan Pizza

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